Digital Transformation for Advanced Gas Asset Management

  • Real-time gas asset information
  • Forward-looking, predictive view of your infrastructure
  • Single source of asset data used across multiple applications, departments, and processes


Methane detection at speed/scale

Methane data gives a much richer view of gas assets for a highly valuable perspective on the health and safety of your infrastructure. 

Unified, real time picture of asset data

Methane data, combined with DIMP and external data sets, gives teams a clearer and more real time image. A view of gas infrastructure never before possible.

Powerful data analytics

Grasp the meaning behind data for actionable insights to solve high value operation and business objectives.

Operation Challenges

  • Pipe replacement analysis
  • Construction optimization
  • Compliance forecasting, planning, and completion
  • Leak prioritization
  • Risk mapping
  • Emission reduction

Business Challenges

  • Better understand and prioritize risk
  • Capture O&M efficiencies
  • Facilitate proactive, strategic conversations with regulators
  • Improved allocation of capital vs. O&M spending and savings

Practical change management help

Hands-on expertise and collaboration needed to confidently transition to new processes and quickly realize ROI.

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