It creates a tremendous treasure trove of information, and we are now able to access and utilize this big data to get work done more efficiently. We’re partnering now with Picarro to figure out how to more effectively access and utilize this big data to help us get the work done more efficiently.
Nick Stavropoulos, President and COO - PG&E
Create a holistic and predictive picture of your gas infrastructure by leveraging real time, quantitative methane data

Picarro’s powerful analytic tools:

  • Combine real-time methane data, external data sets, and gas system data.
  • Deliver a single source of real-time asset data that offers unprecedented granularity and clarity.
  • Provide actionable insights across multiple applications, departments, and processes for smarter asset management decisions.


  • Superior budget and labor forecasting.
  • Predictive leak models.
  • Reduction of future O&M expense.
  • More comprehensive view of risk reduction priorities.

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