When I saw the Picarro technology, I knew that it was going to redefine and revolutionize the way we find and fix leaks. We are going from a 5-year cycle, very quickly to a 3-year cycle and eventually 70,000 square miles, 42,000 miles mains and services, every year.
Leak Management Director
Transform your traditional leak survey and repair protocols and benefit from business process automation. 

Traditional leak survey is manual, labor-intensive, paper-based and frequently error-prone.

Picarro solutions include mobile technology to capture leak data at scale and powerful data analytics, workflow automation, and reporting tools to streamline the entire compliance process.

Workflow efficiency gains can then be realized at each step of the compliance process: forecast, plan, compliance, repair and report.

  • Faster and more labor efficient compliance.
  • Accurate forecasting of projected compliance and repair requirements.
  • Fully automated scheduling of compliance and investigation activities.
  • Enhanced prioritization of leak repair activities to help achieve budget and risk management goals.

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